What SAP’s New Certification of Oracle DB In-Memory Means for Joint Customers

Oracle announced that the Oracle Database In-Memory has been certified by SAP for use with SAP solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver 7.x technology platform. This move continues the longstanding collaboration between Oracle and SAP to enable SAP software to run together with Oracle technologies.

“At the beginning of the year, we certified the Oracle Exadata X5-2 Database Machine for use with SAP applications, and in March we certified Oracle Database 12c for use with SAP applications, that is the latest generation of the Oracle Database technology, and then in June we certified the Oracle Database In-Memory technology, which is part of Oracle Database 12c, for use with the SAP applications,” said Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle.

What the Certification Means for Joint Customers

As a result of the certification, Oracle says, customers can be assured that their SAP applications running on Oracle Database and Oracle Engineered Systems are fully supported. In addition, Oracle Database In-Memory provides mutual customers with an enterprise-grade, in-memory solution from Oracle. The certification means customers can use SAP applications together with Oracle Database In-Memory to perform real-time data analytics together with real-time transaction processing on their existing applications, by adding SAP tables into the in-memory column store

“That is the news for our mutual customers: We are making sure all the latest and greatest Oracle Database technologies are available for their use which is reassuring for customers who certainly hear a lot of noise from SAP about why they should be moving to SAP’s HANA database,” said Mendelsohn. “For our enterprise customers the overlap is quite significant. If you look at SAP enterprise customers, the Oracle Database is used by the vast majority of those customers. We are a significant part of the SAP ecosystem.” 

In addition, noted Mendelsohn, SAP is Oracle’s is biggest database reseller in the world, of all the partners. “An Oracle customer can actually buy an SAP application, and also buy the Oracle Database through SAP at the same time.”

The Long Oracle-SAP Partnership Continues

The certification is part of an established partnership between Oracle and SAP. “Oracle and SAP have been collaborating to support the Oracle Database under the SAP Business Suite applications for over 20 years. And this is a continuation of that longstanding collaboration between my development group and SAP’s engineers. We work together right out of the SAP Development Lab in Walldorf, Germany.”

Oracle Database In-Memory was released by Oracle a year ago, and according to Mendelsohn, in its first year, sales have been nearly triple that of all new Oracle Database 11g options combined during their first year.

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