What's the Best Cloud Database? It Depends Who You Ask

DBTA wants to hear from the experts – you – about the Best Cloud Database.

The Nominating period has ended and voting is now open in the 2014 Database Trends and Applications Readers' Choice Awards – so it’s time to cast your vote for Best Cloud Database.

Check out the 17 nominees listed in alphabetical order below and cast your vote today! You can vote for as many or as few of the nominees as you choose.

Vote here.  (Voting closes on May 23.)

After, it’s all over, we’ll roll out the red carpet and congratulate the winners in a special section on the DBTA website, and in the August 2014 edition of Database Trends and Applications Magazine.

  1. Amazon DynamoDB
  2. Amazon RDS
  3. Continuent Tungsten
  5. EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Cloud Database
  6. GenieDB
  7. Google Cloud SQL
  8. Heroku Postgres
  9. IBM Cloudant
  10. IBM Cloudant DBaaS
  11. Microsoft SQL Azure
  12. NuoDB
  13. Oracle Database 12c
  14. Pick Cloud DBaaS
  15. Rackspace Cloud Databases
  16. TransLattice
  17. Xeround