WhereScape Introduces Data Driven Design Tool

WhereScape, developer of WhereScape RED, an agile IDE for managing data warehouses, has introduced WhereScape 3D, a data-driven design tool for planning and reality-testing data warehousing and business intelligence projects. According to the vendor, using WhereScape 3D, organizations are able to  reduce project  risk by planning accurate, user-tested projects up front, in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

"We want to help people quickly build better data warehouses and data marts.  WhereScape 3D supports the planning process. If you can understand all the challenges and potential problems at the start of the process you have a much better chance of designing and implementing a great solution," Michael Whitehead, co-founder and CEO, WhereScape, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"For us, planning encompasses many facets such as requirements analysis, source system analysis, modeling and prioritization. WhereScape 3D brings all these planning components together," says Whitehead.  You can associate conceptual models with logical models as well as with source systems.  You can test your design with real data during the design process (that's where the name came from - data driven design), and you can output everything is a usable format such as design document."

WhereScape 3D steps data warehouse project teams through the process of source and target exploration and modeling, user functionality verification, scoping, sizing and costing activities, producing both complete project design documentation and an implementation-ready design that can be exported, as metadata to be utilized by products such as WhereScape RED. For more information, go to