White Sands Launches New Performance Monitors for Sybase Replication Server

White Sands Technology, a provider of multi-platform database tools headquartered in Canoga Park, Calif. with offices located in the UK and Finland, has announced the upcoming release of three ProActive DBA products for Sybase Replication Server DBAs. General release of these new products will be in Q1 2011. The three products include ProActive DBA TimeLine 24x7, ProActive DBA SQL Capture for Sybase RepServer, and ProActive DBA Login Capture for Sybase RepServer.

ProActive DBA TimeLine 24x7 for Sybase RepServer is a real-time/historical performance monitor and alerting system that notifies DBAs when Replication Server is down or isn't keeping pace, and provides them with the tools to identify the cause. TimeLine 24x7 provides point-in-time access to monitored data, making it easy to identify the cause of performance problems.

A second product, ProActive DBA SQL Capture for Sybase RepServer, is a no-impact monitor which captures all Replication Command Language (RCL) and Log Transfer Language (LTL) commands sent to Sybase Replication Server to identify the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW of the cause of replication problems.

And a third product, ProActive DBA Login Capture for Sybase RepServer, provides no-impact capturing of all details about all connections made to Sybase Replication Server.

The ProActive DBA product line for Sybase Replication Server provides 24x7 unattended monitoring of key performance indicators such as replication latency via rs_ticket, thread status and activity levels, memory usage, disk partition usage and operating system metrics; alerting with customizable thresholds and notifications; and a point-in-time interface with DVD-like controls that allows stepping through historical performance metrics quickly and precisely.

For complete details about ProActive DBA products for Sybase Replication Server, go here.