WhiteSource Releases Self-Fixing Security Tool

WhiteSource is releasing WhiteSource Cure, a security auto-remediation application designed for custom code that enables organizations to accelerate the delivery of secure software at scale.

WhiteSource Cure acts as a developer’s personal security expert, speeding up delivery, while simultaneously reducing their workload, according to the vendor.

“While organizations are increasingly expecting developers to become security experts, we believe they don't have to,” said Vered Shaked, executive vice president, strategy and incubation at WhiteSource. “With the launch of WhiteSource Cure, we are creating a reality where security and speed are no longer mutually exclusive.”

WhiteSource Cure relieves the application security workload through automation, providing developers with code they can trust.

The Community Edition of WhiteSource Cure is a free-forever developer tool designed for the open source community and currently limited to public projects only.

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