Why Polyglot Persistence?

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Hackolade founder and CEO Pascal Desmarets explained how polyglot persistence enables organizations to leverage the strength of multiple data stores, deal with scale more efficiently, and more during his presentation at Data Summit Connect.

"But no SQL databases allow something that was labeled a polyglot persistence by Martin Fowler back in 2012," Desmarets said. "He said that instead of just picking up a relational database, because that's what everybody does, we need to understand the nature of the data that we're storing and how we want to manipulate it. The result is that most organizations have the mix of data storage technologies for different circumstances."

Today, it's really commonplace in most large and complex organization to have this way of storing data, he noted. Companies need to realize that applications are complex and complex applications combine different types of problems, it is an illusion to think that there is a single storage model that fits all of these purposes. And today it would be a missed opportunity not to leverage the strengths of technologies easily available in the cloud, Desmarets said. 

"Not all problems can be elegantly solved by a single database," he said. "Choosing the best tool for each use case ensures that you don't have to make endless compromises."