Wipro Launches Data Discovery Platform to Uncover Insights

Wipro Limited, a provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services, has unveiled a new analytics solution that will help uncover business insights through pre-defined apps.

“A whole lot of data is sitting in enterprises, increasing exponentially day by day but companies are not doing a whole lot in regards to what to do with this data and get these meaningful insights that set them apart from their competition,” said Pallab Deb, vice president and global head of analytics at Wipro.

Called the Data Discovery Platform, the solution will enable businesses to embark on an analytics journey with value added services of process simplification and business transformation.

“It’s important that we brought a solution that customers can rely on to solve this whole insights problem,” Deb said. The Data Discovery Platform will leverage techniques like visual sciences and storytelling with data, according to the company.

The solution’s modular, app driven approach coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, visualization, and stream computing capability enables flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business requirements.  The company says there are also plans to leverage capabilities from various partners to enhance the experience offered to the organizations.

The product roadmap includes enhancements such as the ability to get data to customers faster, assimilating cognitive computing into the platform, and more, Deb said.

“This is not just an inward-focused exercise, this is very open to embracing innovation from the ecosystem and we’re doing that by leaps and bounds with the release of five to six partner products today as still a part of the platform,” Deb said.

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