With All Flash FS1 Storage System, Oracle Accelerates Apps in SAN and Cloud Environments

Oracle has expanded its flash storage portfolio with the announcement of an all-flash model of its Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System.

Designed to handle concurrent mixed workloads, such as OLTP and high-speed data backup, in enterprise SAN environments as well as in private or public clouds, the system delivers up to 64 all-flash domains, and enables secure data isolation in multitenant cloud environments. It also provides I/O prioritization based on business value, can scale to nearly 1PB of raw flash capacity, and can go from pallet to power-on in less than 30 minutes.

Because the All Flash FS1 can reduce Oracle Database I/O wait times, it effectively gives customers back time for projects that can help drive a company’s top-line growth and bottom-line savings.

Co-engineered with Oracle Database and Applications, the All Flash FS1 delivers net incremental business benefits to customers when deployed with Oracle software, including high data compression and one-click application provisioning.

In addition, says Oracle, the All Flash FS1 is able to take advantage of Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression, which typically delivers a 10:1 compression ratio, nearly twice the data reduction usually obtained with deduplication techniques, reducing storage capacity requirements and accelerating Oracle Database queries. While encrypted Oracle Database data cannot be deduplicated, it can be compressed with Hybrid Columnar Compression.

“High latency has impacted customers on shared storage platforms for years, slowing down OLTP response times and preventing mixed workloads from running at full speed. Customers are looking to flash to address these issues,” explained Mike Workman, senior vice president, Flash Storage Systems, Oracle. “Oracle All Flash FS1 dramatically reduces I/O wait times typically seen in today’s highly virtualized, transaction-driven enterprises where low latency is critical to response time. This superior performance combined with unique features, such as Flash Domains and Flash Profiles, make the All Flash FS1 the platform for customers who want to significantly accelerate their applications in SAN and secure cloud environments.”

All Flash FS1 also features Flash Profiles, which provide pre-tuned and optimized provisioning profiles for Oracle Database and enterprise applications to simplify and accelerate flash storage provisioning and application deployment. As the industry’s best all-flash scale up two-node system, Oracle All Flash FS1 can support hundreds of Oracle databases—all in flash.