With New SAP Certification, Nimble Storage Joins SAP HANA Partner Program

Nimble Storage, a flash storage solutions company, has received certification by SAP for its Adaptive Flash CS-Series arrays, the CS500 and CS700.

“We’ve been selling more and more into large enterprise environments and databases so the next logical frontier for us was SAP HANA,” said Radhika Krishnan, vice president of product and alliances at Nimble Storage.

The certification enables Nimble Storage to participate in SAP’s program for SAP HANA tailored data center integration using its certified solutions. Through participation in the program, customers can leverage their existing hardware and infrastructure components for their SAP HANA–based environments, providing further choice for organizations even when working in heterogeneous environments.

The Nimble Adaptive Flash platform will provide SAP users with a storage consolidation platform that adapts and optimizes to support and speed up deployments of new workloads running on SAP HANA and existing non-SAP HANA applications.  As part of the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform, Nimble’s cloud-enabled management engine, InfoSight, will allow storage workloads to be auto-tuned to maintain high levels of performance.

SmartStack Built on Cisco UCS for SAP HANA

In addition to the certification, Nimble developed a SmartStack integrated infrastructure platform built on Cisco UCS for SAP HANA that delivers high levels of performance as well as the ability to easily scale storage.

SmartStack for SAP HANA supplies an end-to-end tested and validated solution so that customers can accelerate deployment and eliminate risks associated with their datacenter infrastructure. “We’re also providing customers with reference architecture,” Krishnan said. “We’re providing them with very stringent guidelines on how much compute and storage they need in order to deploy a certain size of HANA.” By working with Cisco, Nimble offers a customizable sizing guideline for small, medium, or large sets of deployments for HANA.

“Typically, there is a sense of trepidation among customers if they are looking to deploy HANA just because of the amount of effort involved and understanding, sizing and deploying it,” Krishnan noted.  “With our SmartStack we are taking the guesswork out of the system so the complexity involved in deploying HANA has been dramatically brought down.”

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