Wizeline Offers Free Product Management Software

Every organization is hoping to create the next game-changing product. Wizeline, a provider of data-driven product intelligence solutions that help companies build successful products, has announced the availability of Wizeline Starter, a free version of its software platform. The new release eliminates the need for multiple tools for a product’s development.  This allows product managers to streamline the entire development cycle of a product on one piece of software, cutting the time of product development.

Traditionally, many product managers would use spreadsheets to track all of the products pertinent information. This can easily become jumbled and hard to keep track of. Wizeline provides product managers with a set of tools that allows all of the information to be kept in one place. An important aspect of creating a successful product is evaluating which features will maximize the products success.  With Wizeline, product managers are able to have all of the data at their finger tips on one program. This allows Wizeline to apply an algorithm to the data and rank the data in order of importance when it comes to the product.

“Product strategy is driven by individuals and committees that receive information via email, IM, text messages, meeting, and customer advisory boards. All of this data typically ends up in many different spreadsheets. When it comes to back log planning it is very difficult to determine what the most important thing to do from a marketing perspective,” explained Bismarck Lepe, founder and CEO of Wizeline.  “Wizeline allows product managers to manage the entire backlog within Wizeline.” Once Wizeline receives new data in its system, it is automatically updated and is prioritized via the algorithm. This, says the vendor, allows for roadmaps of products to be created more easily and quickly compared to traditional methods.

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