Woolpert Becomes an Esri Release Ready Partner

Woolpert has been awarded an Esri Release Ready Specialty Partner status, recognizing that Woolpert is an early adopter of Esri technologies.

“Geospatial technologies, spatial intelligence, and location services are increasingly vital to business operations, and this makes Esri and ArcGIS increasingly relevant to a wide variety of industries,” Michalec said. “We have an added benefit here at Woolpert because we are an international architecture, engineering, and geospatial (AEG) firm. This gives us the invaluable perspective of knowing how to thread geospatial technologies across industry operations, while simultaneously comprehending how non-geospatial clients will receive and apply those technologies. By understanding the pervasive nature of location intelligence, we’re able to deliver robust and impactful Esri solutions way beyond traditional client ‘mapping’ needs.”

Woolpert has federal, state, local, private, public and military clients who serve more than a dozen AEG markets, and the firm has helped these clients track their progress, projects and people for decades.

In 2017, Woolpert was honored as an Esri Cornerstone Partner for the firms’ 20-year working relationship. Woolpert currently is an Esri Silver Partner, working toward additional ArcGIS specialties and partnership opportunities in 2020.

“Esri is undeniably a world leader in geospatial services, and we are honored to be a valued partner,” Michalec said. “We see this Release Ready credential as the logical next step in our relationship, elevating our work together to advance dynamic geospatial technologies that continually reshape our world.”

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