Workiva Announces Data Integration with More than 100 Cloud, SaaS and On-Premise Applications

Workiva, a provider of solutions for enterprise productivity and Gold-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, has announced data integration between its Wdesk platform and more than 100 cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications, including Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud.

The integration of enterprise business systems with Wdesk enables customers to directly connect the datasets they need into a central hub of trusted data, with auditability and control features. In addition, Wdesk gives users the ability to combine narrative with their data, to further improve a range of financial, regulatory and corporate performance management functions.

Expanding the amount of data that Wdesk users can access amplifies the power of Wdesk throughout customers’ organizations, said Matt Rizai, chairman and CEO of Workiva, noting that the Wdesk data integration provides these customers with more tools to improve transparency and consistency across all of their datasets.

According to the vendor, the new integration capabilities eliminate the need to manually export data from enterprise business systems, and with the Wdesk linking, every change to the imported data is automatically updated in all instances, making it easier to locate and validate data. Users can connect Wdesk to one or multiple external systems to create records of data that can be used as sources for lookups and aggregations. .

Data from external systems can be leveraged across the Wdesk platform using formulas and links—creating a comprehensive source of trusted data. Once the data is integrated into Wdesk, the platform enables users to collaborate simultaneously, centralize and link data, control data permissions down to the cell level and streamline workflow with commenting, tasking, black-line comparisons, dashboard tracking and digital reporting.

And, like all data in Wdesk, data integrated from enterprise systems creates an audit trail with a detailed history of source systems, datasets, date and time of updates and who imported or exported data

Wdesk data integration is available today. Workiva customers can use a Wdesk connector or build their own integrations through the Wdesk API.

Wdesk data integrations are also powered by the Dell Boomi platform, which provides a unified, online development and management environment that supports application integration needs across a hybrid IT infrastructure.