X15 Software Launches Hadoop-Based Machine and Log Data Management Solution

X15 Enterprise, which provides an end-to-end solution for ingesting, indexing, searching and analyzing machine data, is now generally available from X15 Software. Purpose-built for petabyte-size machine data environments, X15 Enterprise provides an end-to-end solution for ingesting, indexing, searching and analyzing machine data. 

Machine data derived from system logs and other sources is used to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize business infrastructures and operations.  

“Machine and log data analysis is an integral part of enterprise data management.  Unfortunately, companies with multi-terabyte machine data requirements have been poorly served by inflexible, hard-to-scale and expensive tools currently on the market,” said Val Rayzman, founder and CEO, X15 Software.  “With X15 Enterprise, our customers can now leverage the power of Hadoop to maximize the ROI of their operational intelligence initiatives.”

X15 Enterprise is integrated with Hadoop offerings from Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Pivotal, andallows machine data to remain in HDFS without the need for it to be duplicated into proprietary storage before it can be indexed and analyzed. Enabling easy access, X15 Enterprise queries are based on standard SQL rather than a proprietary language, and X15 Enterprise interoperates with enterprise technologies from Informatica, Tableau and other JDBC/ODBC-compliant products.  It is also fully embeddable via REST-based APIs.

According to the vendor, X15 Enterprise has built-in, automatic, fault tolerance with no single point of failure, and reads and indexes dynamic and static machine data regardless of its format or size. The data is indexed in real-time with a linear growth in performance as the cluster size increases, and is available for search and analysis as soon as it is ingested.

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