XAware Releases XAware 5.2

XAware, Inc. has released XAware 5.2, an updated version of its open source data integration solution for creating and managing composite data services. The new release offers upgrades that give developers new options that make it easier to design and deliver data services for service-oriented architecture (SOA), rich Internet applications (RIA) and software as a service (SaaS) applications.

The key addition to XAware 5.2 is the data-first design feature. Taking advantage of two aspects of the Eclipse Data Tools Project, Connection Profiles and Data Source Explorer, XAware users can now create data services by starting with data sources. According to XAware, this option, often known as bottom-up design, is beneficial for data-oriented developers and architects, especially those who need to combine data from multiple sources.

"We were hearing a lot about the need for this from our existing users and people who have tried the XAware software," Bill Miller, chairman and CTO of XAware, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Miller notes that there have been about 175,000 downloads since XAware released the open source software about nine months ago and there are about 7,000 registered users in the community. "I was thinking about how to make it easier for them and then, taking advantage of the last 3.4 release of Eclipse, which is our design environment, and the evolution of the Eclipse Data Tools and the Data Explorer really allowed us to integrate and support that functionality and give them a much easier way to use the data sources they have as a way to get started with data services."

XAware also continues to offer developers the top-down design approach, starting the design process with XML schemas.

In addition to the data-first design feature, XAware has also introduced a new service design wizard to enable new users to quickly build and test services with relational data sources. The 5.2 release also includes a new outline view, improved search functionality, greater run-time query control and updated support content for all features.

XAware 5.2 is available for free use under the GPLv2 license and via a commercial license. Services and support subscriptions are also available for purchase from XAware, Inc. For information on XAware's QuickStart program, which includes training, consulting services and an initial period of active support from the XAware team, go here. For more information and to download XAware 5.2, go here.