XP3 BI Presenter Extends Business Intelligence throughout the Enterprise

Interactive Edge LLC, a provider of data analysis and visualization solutions, has announced the debut of XP3 BI Presenter, a Microsoft Office add-in which brings data directly into Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations utilizing existing SAP BEx queries or Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes. BI Presenter eliminates the need for time-consuming, error-prone cut-and-paste activities associated with moving from Excel to PowerPoint and connects PowerPoint to SAP NetWeaver BI InfoCubes or Microsoft Analysis Services cubes.

Powerful enterprise solutions have made huge amounts of data available for strategic business units to access, mine and analyze. This proliferation of data and mining/analysis tools can be a windfall of opportunities to drive profitability throughout the organization. With direct access via certified connection to any SAP NetWeaver BI InfoCube and BEx Query, or in the case of Microsoft Analysis Services to the OLAP cubes, XP3 BI Presenter makes large amounts of data readily available to distributed sales and management teams in familiar Microsoft Office applications.

Vassil Kovatchev, CTO of Interactive Edge, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "XP3 issues multi-dimensional queries against the data sources, acquires metadata about the cubes, analyzes the data, and inserts various charts onto PowerPoint slides via wizard interfaces. Each individual chart on a slide can be updated automatically and independently when the underlying data changes, or all charts on a single slide can be updated as one process. There is also a global selection, where every slide in the entire PowerPoint presentation that has graphs, charts, and so forth can be updated simultaneously."

XP3's powerful data analysis engine and flexible end-user tools summarize and visualize the right data for the right audience. Integrated with Microsoft Office, XP3 tools easily create data-driven presentations directly in Microsoft PowerPoint. The results include concise and actionable presentations, complete with summaries, charts and graphs that can be understood by all business users.

For additional information about XP3 BI Presenter for SAP NetWeaver BI, go here. For information about XP3 BI Presenter for Microsoft Analysis Services, go here.