Xage Transforms SecOps with AI-Powered Analytics and Insights Functionalities

Xage Security, a global leader in zero trust access and protection, is announcing the launch of two product enhancements—Xage Insights and Xena—which aim to empower enterprises to adapt to the constantly evolving world of cyber threats. By leveraging AI, these latest innovations from Xage drive greater visibility and increase data value from within the Xage Fabric Platform, a cybersecurity mesh for zero trust access management and data security.

According to Geoffrey Mattson, CEO of Xage Security, the adversarial climate is worsening, yet enterprises struggle to rapidly remediate threats that are in a constant state of flux and evolution.

“We recognized the pressing demand for a solution that goes beyond traditional cybersecurity measures, empowering organizations to not only defend against but also proactively prevent cyber threats with greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Mattson. “In response, we leveraged recent breakthroughs in generative AI technologies and combined them with our own cutting-edge technology, enabling our customers to stay one step ahead of adversaries and fortify their defenses in real-time.”

Xage’s latest releases work in tandem to grant security administrators and operators greater efficiency and efficacy in implementing zero trust security policies at every step of their workflows. The launch of these solutions also targets alert fatigue, reducing the noise that IT and security teams experience with a comprehensive suite of features specifically engineered to streamline SecOps.

Xage Insights and Xena persist three key pillars of cyber defense, enabling security teams to:

  • Understand, accelerating threat comprehensions across IT, OT, and cloud environments, offering greater visibility into suspicious user and device behavior
  • Repond, decreasing response times through recommendations and response mitigation
  • Evolve, continuously enhancing the security of their environments with proactive policies

Xage Insights is a data visualization and analytics engine built on a distributed ledger, surfacing insights regarding access usage. By being able to track interactions based on identity, type, and geography, Xage Insights delivers real-time situational awareness and in-depth understanding of security postures. The new capability delivers and correlates advanced insights into users, device, application, and workload interactions—including failed and excessive login attempts, enumeration, and lateral movement attempts—helping to expose security risks and breaches.

Xena, an identity-based AI co-pilot, allows enterprises to ask questions about their environment in their natural language, simplifying the way in which security teams understand their security posture. Xena offers insights, remediation guidance, and automates tasks, bolstered by the Xage Fabric’s rich, granular access and behavior data.

“[Xage Fabric’s] multi-layer deployment ensures that security measures are enforced consistently from the core to the edge of the network, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or malicious activity,” explained Mattson. “Xage can be simply and rapidly deployed at the deepest layers of the network, and even at remote sites, while still being integrated into one unified Xage Fabric via the distributed ledger. This provides unprecedented depth and breadth of real-time visibility into activity and access patterns, enabling Xena to deliver powerful insights and security recommendations across the entire enterprise.”

Xage Insights and Xena work to transform the way organizations interact with their data, especially in regard to strengthening their security posture without manually intensive processes, according to the company.

“These solutions are not just about providing more tools or augmenting staff expertise; they're about fundamentally changing how organizations approach security,” concluded Mattson.

Xage Insights is now generally available. The Xena AI co-pilot beta version will be available in June 2024.

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