Xceedium Extends Access Control, Audit Capabilities to Mainframes and Virtualized Systems

Xceedium, Inc., a provider of access control and audit solutions, is shipping the latest release of its security appliance, which includes full support for mainframe and virtualized environments. The Xceedium GateKeeper Version 5 appliance is designed to proactively enforces policy to protect critical infrastructure and information assets.

GateKeeper is now more tuned to reflect the evolving requirements for access control and audit for centralized computing models. Now companies can apply its patented technologies to contain users to authorized areas, track, record and deliver targeted reports and more easily and cost effectively meet compliance requirements. This solution enables organizations to remain agile enough to quickly adapt to changes in their business, regulatory and computing environments.

"Compliance and security mandates are driving customers to require access, enforcement and audit in single solution," said Cheryl Traverse, CEO and president of Xceedium. "This release of GateKeeper enables organizations to encompass new technologies-along with legacy and their current mainframe infrastructure-while enforcing security controls aligned with today's compliance and regulatory requirements."

A new component built into Version 5 includes restrictive zero-footprint access, in which GateKeeper's reverse-port forwarding provides a virtual abstraction layer further enhancing security when accessing infrastructure resources including mainframe and virtualized systems ensuring no IP address is ever granted to the client and the user has no visibility to unauthorized resources.

Version 5 also incorporates "clientless compartmentalization," in which GateKeeper provides compartmentalized access to mainframe and virtual systems without requiring local client installation. All connections can be restricted to a single originating IP while allowing authorized users to connect to the full extent of their authorized roles, regardless of physical location, the vendor says.

In addition, Version 5 incorporates containment to authorized areas and command restriction. For mainframe environments, the Command Line Interface (CLI) Java Applet enables command filtering functionality, which can be used to intercept unauthorized commands and keystrokes. Users can be contained to their authorized systems or resources when accessing authorized mainframe systems, servers or network appliances, Xceedium says.

For more information, visit the Xceedium site.