Xplenty Partners with Avlino

Xplenty has formed a partnership with Avlino, a big data solutions provider, to further accelerate batch processing within Xplenty’s software. With the new partnership, Xplenty and Avlino say they want to reverse a commonly accepted industry statistic concerning data processing - that it takes business users 80% of the time to prepare data, allowing them only 20% of the time to actually analyze it.

Xplenty provides a cloud-based big data processing and integration platform. It allows its users to integrate its servers with data from numerous different data sources. The data is processed using a familiar graphical user interface on top of Hadoop. One of the common issues concerning Hadoop is it is too complex for a regular business user.

“Our data integration service is powered by Hadoop, but the end user does not need to know anything about Hadoop IT because we take of the infrastructure for the end-user. The user also does not need to be concerned with coding because of the graphic user interface as well,” said Yaniv Mor, Xplenty’s co-founder and CEO.

Avlino’s Acelero is a code-free plugin that accelerates processing jobs, having demonstrated 150%-300% performance improvement in job execution in customer trials. “We have enhanced the algorithms within the Hadoop MapReduce framework,” stated Ramana Jampala, Avlino’s CEO and founder.  One of the most important algorithms that were tackled was the one responsible for sorting data. “We have improved the sorting processed based on certain learning algorithms where we observe data patterns,” explained Jampala.  “The minute we integrate Avlino’s acceleration solution on top of our infrastructure, it allows the users a faster time to insight. This is the value proposition for the end user.”

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