Xplenty Partners with Segment to Improve Big Data Processing

Xplenty, which provides a big data processing platform powered by Hadoop, is partnering with Segment, which provides a customer data hub. The partnership will allow Segment Redshift (Segment SQL) users to process data via Xplenty’s data processing service.

Segment is a universal integration layer that supports customer data collection. Through a single platform, it collects, translates, and routes data to analytics and marketing tools.

Segment SQL enables Segment users to automatically load behavioral data from apps and websites directly into Amazon Redshift. By adding Xplenty integration, Segment SQL users will now have access to Xplenty’s Hadoop-based, processing platform, making it possible to read raw data and immediately process it for analytics.

Currently, the companies say, data handlers spend up to 80% of their time processing and preparing data for analytics. In providing access to Xplenty, Segment SQL users can dramatically streamline data preparation, allowing them to focus on analytics and identifying insights that drive revenue opportunities.

 “We’re pleased to partner with Segment and bring our processing capabilities to Segment SQL users,” said Yaniv Mor, CEO and co-founder of Xplenty. “We’ve built a powerful big data processing platform that puts ease-of-use front-and-center – with no coding or prior Hadoop expertise necessary – packaged into a simple, drag-and-drop interface. This makes Xplenty the perfect integration partner.”  

In addition to Amazon, Xplenty is supported across Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, and IBM’s SoftLayer.

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