Y42 Simplifies DataOps Accessibility, Governance, and Collaboration in its Latest Solution

Y42, the developers behind the Modern DataOps Cloud, is officially relaunching their product to accommodate critical needs for accessible, governed, and collaborative data operations. Now running atop Snowflake and BigQuery cloud data warehouses, the Modern DataOps Cloud is designed to provide users with a fully-managed environment to build production-ready, end-to-end data pipelines.

“The data warehouse revolution has produced a lot of point-to-point tools, helping companies that focus on integrating with data, or data cataloging, data transformation, data orchestration—there a lot of disciplines you must master in order to build a data infrastructure that is reliable and truly scales,” said Hung Dang, CEO and founder of Y42. “This results in stitching together five to ten different point-to-point tools, which can work well together, but were not natively built together.”

Y42 highlights their devotion to accessibility, remarking that this latest solution natively integrates with open-source tools, such as Airbyte or dbt Core, therefore removing setup and maintenance hassles. With an accessible and fully-managed data stack, users can access the stack from the Y42 web app, a command line interface, or APIs.

“We take these best-of-breed, point-to-point tools—that are all open source—and modify the paths that don’t work well together, then natively integrate them within a single unified experience,” said Dang. “By default, these tools are much more accessible because they are no longer siloed.”

The solution’s holistic data governance suite, featuring a data catalog, asset ownership, data contracts, and multi-level access control, enables a wider scope of observability and monitoring throughout an organization’s data stack.

Collaboration is empowered through best practices from collaboration tooling and software engineering; functions such as consistent version control—which is comprehensive throughout data operations—is a catalyst for facilitating inter-team cooperation.

“Our vision is for every organization—whether it has one single data engineer, data analyst, or a whole data team—to be able to create and run production ready data pipelines efficiently and consume data in any downstream application to make better business decisions,” continued Dang. “The Y42 Modern DataOps Cloud makes this vision a reality—today.”

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