Yellowbrick Data Collaborates with Digital Outcomes Now on IoT Data

Yellowbrick Data is partnering with Digital Outcomes Now to help the Global Telecommunications Industry convert their massive data volumes into positive outcomes.

“Yellowbrick Data has created a breakthrough in processing analytic datasets that is extremely well positioned to deliver on this coming 5G opportunity.  In 1/20th the rack space of traditional Data Analytics platforms, Yellowbrick Data is able to process complex data queries at over 100x the performance of traditional systems,” said John Gillespie, president and CEO of Digital Outcomes Now.  “This unique architecture is perfect for distributed analytics at the network edge, in the network core or in a hybrid cloud environment.”

Yellowbrick’s data warehouse enables enterprises to run workloads on-premise, in the cloud – or both. The Yellowbrick Data solution well-suited for  organizations with data warehouse volumes ranging from 10TB to several petabytes, can support thousands of concurrent users, and offers 100X faster query speeds versus traditional offerings, according to the vendor.

“We are extremely excited to work with Digital Outcomes Now to deliver solutions based on Yellowbrick Data’s technology to the Global Telecommunications Marketplace. Our technology has been receiving rave reviews from our early Telecommunication customers.” said Neil Carson, founder and CEO of Yellowbrick Data.  “We see our partnership with Digital Outcomes Now as a key addition to expanding our success in this exciting market.”

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