Yellowbrick Data Introduces Two New Cloud Products

Yellowbrick Data, a provider of next-generation enterprise data warehousing, is releasing the Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse and the Yellowbrick Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) service.

The Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse has been operating in enterprise production environments since early 2019, and both new products leverage the power of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse.

The new offerings extend the benefits of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to the cloud, including the ability to replicate between the on-premises Yellowbrick Data Warehouse Appliance and the cloud, to support hybrid deployments (such as legacy ETL on-premises with users in the cloud), and to migrate easily to and from the cloud at will.

Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse is a software-as-a-service offering that overcomes the scale, cost and performance challenges posed by traditional cloud data warehouses. Multi-cloud support allows customers to connect multiple public and private clouds to a single Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse.

Yellowbrick Cloud DR is a service that provides an up-to-date replica in the cloud of an on-premises or cloud data warehouse at a substantially lower cost than purchasing additional instances.

“The Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse and Cloud DR break through traditional constraints surrounding multi-cloud compatibility, system lock-in and cost,” said Neil Carson, founder and chief executive officer of Yellowbrick Data. “Yellowbrick Data enables enterprises to run workloads on-premises, in the cloud – or both, while achieving the best economics in the industry.”

Yellowbrick Data’s solutions are ideal for organizations with data warehouse volumes ranging from 10TB to several Petabytes.

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