Yellowbrick Data Launches Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

Yellowbrick Data, the Hybrid cloud data warehouse company, is releasing its Cloud Disaster Recovery service, as well as introducing new database replication and enhanced backup/restore features to its platform.  

“We’re complementing the existing business continuity functionality inside a single Yellowbrick Data Warehouse--including support for high availability, erasure coding, and fault tolerance--with new features that provide continuity across databases and locations in a low-cost, low-effort way using the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud architecture,” said Nick Cox, Yellowbrick head of products. “That is essential for business-critical applications.”

These new offerings provide the speed, granular control, and effortless management that businesses need to back up and restore big datasets.

They support backups at near-line speed, allow for incremental backups, and provide transactional consistency (ACID) of restored data. They also enable the automation of backup/restore operations without intermediate storage.

For more stringent high availability (HA) requirements, rich support for database replication via streaming provides continuous, asynchronous replication that transmits all changes within seconds and maintains ACID properties at all times. Yellowbrick also supports arbitrary topologies to ensure it can meet every customer need.

Cloud Disaster Recovery also offers low-cost database replication as a service that provides the highest level of business continuity support for Yellowbrick data warehouses.

Users can select one or more target databases to replicate to a second instance, either between cloud regions or from an on-premises instance to any cloud region, with full failover and fail-back capabilities.

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