Yellowbrick Data Strengthens its Data Warehouse with New Features

Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data is making a variety of product innovations for optimizing enterprise performance, availability, and security.

“Data warehouses are becoming absolutely business-critical,” said Neil Carson, CEO of Yellowbrick Data. “Release 5 strengthens our product for demanding fault-tolerant applications, and our new Standard Service Plan extends the power of Yellowbrick to smaller use cases than before. Businesses of all sizes know that real-time data and analytics power their competitive edge. We’re committed to their success.”

Yellowbrick Data Release 5 delivers new capabilities that further strengthen Yellowbrick’s position as the leader in price/performance, including:

  • More investments in business-critical reliability and performance. Customers already depend on Yellowbrick’s Advanced Workload Management to help enable speed-of-thought insights 24x7x365. Release 5 adds rapidly self-healing clusters for fault tolerance. In addition, query visibility in Release 5 is more granular, giving users subsecond control of a query across its lifetime.
  • Finer-grained security. An updated security model now allows customers to fully protect their data warehouse with finer-grained security, limiting the number of super users.
  • Faster query building with SQL functions. Developers can be more productive and save time building queries with new support for SQL user-defined functions.

Yellowbrick is debuting a Standard Service Plan that offers the price/performance and hybrid cloud flexibility of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse for smaller-scale use cases, including new data warehouse initiatives, dev/test environments, departmental data marts, and Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle upgrades.

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