Yellowbrick Data and Next Pathway Partner to Accelerate the Migration of Legacy Data to Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick Data, providing a data warehouse for hybrid cloud, and Next Pathway Inc., the Automated Cloud Migration company, are collaborating to accelerate the migration of complex on-prem workloads to the Yellowbrick Data hybrid cloud data warehouse.

The partnership will provide Yellowbrick Data customers with a solution to automate legacy code conversion. Next Pathway’s SHIFT Migration Suite helps automate the end-to-end tasks in a migration lifecycle.

This includes the capability to automate the conversion of database objects such as SQL and complex types including Stored Procedures, orchestration logic, ETL pipelines, Dynamic SQL, and others from legacy technologies such as Teradata and Netezza.

“Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse platform provides enterprise customers with a powerful combination of best-in-class performance along with horizontal scalability to serve an array of complex workloads,” said Chetan Mathur, Chief Executive Officer of Next Pathway. “Together with our SHIFT Migration Suite, we will enable customers to deploy their complex data and analytic uses cases on Yellowbrick faster by automating the migration from their legacy systems.”

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