Yellowfin 6.2 Includes New Storyboard Presentation Feature

Yellowfin, a business intelligence vendor, has released Storyboard, a new presentation and collaboration platform for BI that offers a fully integrated and interactive presentation module for BI content. Storyboard’s user interface allows BI insights to be intuitively incorporated into businesses’ decision-making process and empowers business users to collaborate and benefit from BI.

Integrated into the core Yellowfin application, Storyboard comes with the standard Yellowfin license and is accessed through a browser, allowing users to share and view presentations anywhere, anytime. “The problem with a dashboard is that it doesn’t give you any context, there’s no call to action, and it doesn’t tell you what you need to do,” Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin, tells 5 Minute Briefing. In addition to fully interactive Yellowfin reports, Storyboard allows users to add images, graphics, and video to any slide, helping users explore their data collectively and steer data-based decision-making.

Additional features of Storyboard include Global Filters, which when enabled allow only relevant data to be displayed for a particular audience. Users can also add up to five secondary slides to each primary slide within Storyboard through the Associated Content feature, as well as add entire Storyboards to a searchable list of favorites. The intuitive drag and drop functionality allows reports, images, video or text to easily be incorporated into reports for rich and substantive presentations. “The goal is to build out ways in which people can communicate data effectively so that the recipients can use it to make decisions, communicate ideas, and ultimately change behaviors,” Rabie explains. Storyboards can be saved and archived for reference, and are fully auditable and securable.

Storyboard is available now as part of Yellowfin 6.2. Visit to learn more.