Yellowfin Debuts Latest Version of BI Platform with Enhancements for Enterprise-Wide Data Discovery

Yellowfin, a business intelligence, dashboard, reporting and data analysis software vendor, has launched Yellowfin 7, the latest version of its BI platform with enhancements aimed at simplifying enterprise-wide data discovery. Yellowfin 7 comes with new features and enhancements including multi-chart formatting, enriched administration, improved content creation and new collaborative decision-making and mobile report authoring functionality.

With this release, Yellowfin has reconstructed the interface for report creation and ad hoc analysis. This enables users to conduct real-time ad hoc analysis on business data which generates immediate business insight. “With 7, we really focused in a lot more on not just the consumptions, but really the creation and the process of doing ad hoc analytics,” explained Glen Rabie, CEO, Yellowfin.

Yellowfin 7 offers more flexibility for users, according to the company. With the mobile report authoring feature users, can now create content and conduct ad hoc analysis on any mobile device and the multi-chart formatting feature allows users to drag-and-drop charts onto a single dataset, and experience fast data exploration and analysis from multiple perspectives.

Decision widgets have also been added to Yellowfin’s Timeline feature. Timeline is Yellowfin’s personalized Facebook-like feed and in real time it catalogs user activities within Yellowfin. This has been available for the last 6 months and, said Rabie, “It really gets a lot of people actively using the application which is part of our goal - to raise user adoption and get people to use it more often.”

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