Yellowfin Introduces New Solution to Create Custom Analytical Applications

Yellowfin, a global business intelligence and analytics software company, is launching a new browser based application that will make it faster and easier to create customized analytical applications.

The new solution, dubbed Dash XML, is a flexible framework that communicates with Yellowfin via a Web Services API to expose the functionality of Yellowfin's BI platform - such as reports, filters and security capabilities - while simultaneously providing complete freedom regarding application design, layout and user interaction.

Custom dashboards created using DashXML are configured in a single XML file that describes each element on each dashboard tab as a widget.

Each dashboard is a single page with an arrangement of widgets, which can include reports, text and filter widgets. All layout and styling can be achieved via customized CSS. Each dashboard is referenced directly by a unique URL and is accessible via Web-browser.

DashXML can be deployed alongside Yellowfin, or on a separate server.

"DashXML empowers organizations to leverage the power of Yellowfin's BI platform, which removes the need to build sophisticated BI functionality from the ground up, while simultaneously offering unlimited flexibility and control when it comes to design, layout and interactivity,” said Glen Rabie, Yellowfin CEO.

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