Yellowfin and ParStream Form Alliance for Comprehensive Big Data Analytics Platform

Yellowfin has certified its BI solution on ParStream's relational database, which is based on its patented High Performance Compressed Index (HPCI) technology. HPCI is a bitmapping structure that allows data to be analyzed in its compressed state, skipping the decompression. As a result of the partnership, ParStream and Yellowfin will be offered as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for big data analytics.

The alliance will enable organizations to process massive amounts of stored and streaming data, in structured and semi-structured formats, in real-time, which can then be delivered throughout the enterprise in the form of visualizations to support decision-makers with timely, fact-based actionable intelligence.

Yellowfin’s BI as a virtualized platform, Fast Data – simultaneous analysis of historical and live, streaming data – can now be accessed, monitored, visualized, and utilized with ease. As vast amounts of raw data can be hard to understand and contextualize, Yellowfin's ability to make that information highly understandable and actionable – with its intuitive dashboards, collaborative BI features, and mobile applications – is critical

Yellowfin’s focus on data consumers – business people from non-technical backgrounds – will enable more users to get into what ParStream calls a conversation with data, said said Joerg Bienert, CTO and cofounder at ParStream.  “With ParStream and Yellowfin in combination, you can ask questions to your data and you get results and feedback immediately.  Most of the time it is about an interactive analytical process, which means you ask more questions and you get results, and these results generate additional questions,” said Joerg Bienert, CTO and cofounder at ParStream.

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