Yoigo and Sybase 365 Extend Certified Registered Mail Capabilities to Mobile Devices

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., and mobile operator Yoigo have joined forces to offer Registered SMS, a new service allowing companies to send customers confirmation text messages with the same legal standing as registered mail.

Officially certified by the Spanish Real Casa de la Moneda (The Royal Mint of Spain) the Sybase 365 and Yoigo service recognizes an SMS confirmation as legal proof of delivery of important documents and information. These certificates can then be used as evidence in judicial proceedings in Spain for enterprises wishing to demonstrate correspondence with their customers. This will enable companies and their customers to resolve disputes in a timely manner, avoiding the cost of court proceedings.

With Registered SMS, financial institutions, utility companies and enterprises will be able to use SMS where previously they would have used registered mail. For services such as final bill payment reminders, contractual updates or overdraft notifications, companies will now be able to take advantage of all the benefits that SMS brings, including speed and reach, for higher response rates than traditional mail. An SMS provides a number of advantages over registered mail including 5 times better response rate over traditional mail and is read 288 times faster than email.

"Mobile messaging still remains the most ubiquitous medium accessible to over 5 billion people around the world, with consumer brands, financial institutions and enterprises of virtually any variety or size, beginning to realize its enormous potential," said Howard Stevens, senior vice president, Global Telco and International Operations, Sybase 365. "Sybase 365 is at the forefront of providing enterprises with a full circle of mobile and data services, enabling them to communicate and deliver goods and services to their customers, anytime, anywhere."

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