YottaDB Releases Plugin for Popular SQL Tools

YottaDB, the database for transactional systems, is releasing production-grade Octo 1.0, a YottaDB plugin to query YottaDB application data using popular SQL tools.

YottaDB excels for transactional systems, where data integrity and application robustness are paramount—applications that effect database state change to provide mission-critical functionality, such as electronic health record systems, core banking systems, library systems, and election systems.

There is a vast ecosystem of tools using SQL/JDBC for reporting, visualization, analysis, and more. Octo 1.0 makes databases of transactional applications that use YottaDB, accessible to those tools.

"YottaDB is a versatile hierarchical key-value (NoSQL) database that delivers in the most challenging use cases, from IoT to Internet scale," said K.S. Bhaskar, president and founder, YottaDB. "Octo 1.0 lets YottaDB users gain insights to the data in those application databases."

YottaDB is language agnostic, and offers concurrent native data access using C, Go, M, Perl, and Rust today, with node.js, Python, and other languages on the roadmap.

All common NoSQL use cases map to YottaDB's hierarchical key-value data model. While YottaDB scales up to the largest transactional systems, its light footprint and parsimonious use of system resources allows it to fit in resource-constrained applications like edge computing.

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