Youredi Launches iPaaS Data Integration Solution in the U.S

Youredi, a Finland-based provider of data integration solutions for global e-commerce, is launching its iPaaS (integration platform as a service) data integration solution in the U.S. and establishing a North American subsidiary.

“What we’ve got is an integrated service in the cloud that runs on Azure and works across the omnichannels on the retail side and also across the logistical side with the manufacturer, retailer and transportation,” said Dean Baxter, president of Youredi, Inc., the new American subsidiary. “Already what we’ve seen is the increase in volume of data and information required between businesses, consumers and businesses, and between all the people involved in that supply chain.”

With the new service, Youredi says it is addressing an unmet market need for data integration solutions that allow e-commerce players to better integrate data throughout a complex value chain to ensure the efficient flow of goods across global borders and supply chain operations.

“Our target audience would be areas around logistics, logistics transportation organizations, and the retail supply chain area, specifically as it relates to e-commerce,” Baxter said. “What we are going to see in the market in the coming years, we believe, is a little bit of a change where people are going to start buying more online.”

This shift to shopping digitally will create a need for information about what consumers buy, how they pay, and where the goods are going, Baxter said. “On the commerce supply chain side, just because of the variation and changes, there’s going to be a complexity in the message of volumes from different systems within the retail supply chain so that these parcels and goods can be delivered to the consumer,” Baxter explained.

Yourdi’s platform supports industry standards and connectivity with other platforms, and integrates seamlessly with internal/external systems, enabling information to be easily shared. It is built on Microsoft Azure and is able to process data in any format and size, supporting all relevant communication protocols. “We enable the mashing of data to and from systems really bringing these silos of data alive and creating a world in where big data is flowing seamlessly and easily between all the parties that need the information,” Baxter said.

In addition to the expansion into America, the company announced that they received an investment from the chairman of the board of Nokia and F-Secure, Risto Siilasmaa. “We are pleased to have access to Risto’s experience, network and real-world understanding,” said Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi, Ltd. “It is very gratifying to have his support of our business and services, and it underscores our commitment to building the world’s best integration platform for the supply chain/e-commerce marketplace.”

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