Yugabyte Delivers Distributed SQL with Cloud DBaaS

Yugabyte has announced the general availability of Yugabyte Cloud, Yugabyte’s public database-as-a-service offering. As a fully managed offering of YugabyteDB, Yugabyte Cloud combines the benefits of distributed SQL with the ease of use of a cloud database service. 

According to the company, with Yugabyte Cloud, developers can focus on building great applications while leaving the day-to-day operations to Yugabyte. The cloud database service applies industry best practices to manage the infrastructure and database securely, offering capabilities such as daily backups, non-disruptive software upgrades, continuous availability, database usage monitoring, logging and audit, identity and access management, data encryption, and key rotation.

“YugabyteDB is the database of choice for organizations building cloud native microservices that demand highly scalable and resilient systems of record,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte. “YugabyteDB is feature-compatible with Postgres, allowing developers to easily start using the database with no changes to code or tooling. And now, Yugabyte Cloud makes distributed SQL effortless, allowing developers to focus on the application instead of the database.”

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