ZL Technologies Announces Solution Suite for GDPR Compliance

ZL Technologies, Inc., a provider of governance, e-discovery, compliance, and analytics solutions, has introduced a suite of products to help organizations meet the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With GDPR going into effect May 25, 2018, organizations handling EU resident information will need a process for managing personal data in accordance with the regulation's many protection requirements. Requirements include a data subject's right to access, erasure, portability, and restriction of processing of data upon request. Many of the regulation's most difficult challenges surround the capability to identify and take action on personal data stored in key unstructured repositories such as email, file shares, SharePoint, and ECMs.

ZL Tech's GDPR Ready Solutions provide a set of capabilities depending on each customer's individual needs and concerns. From in-place management of personal data to more advanced information governance capabilities such as lifecycle management, compliance, and archiving, ZL's build-upon approach can accommodate a diverse range of unique situations and environments. Leveraging multiple applications from ZL Tech's unified governance platform,

ZL GDPR Ready Solutions span four key components: Identify, Minimize, Govern, and Comply.

The GDPR Ready Solutions offer visibility and control over all unstructured repositories from a single point of access, that allows users to do comprehensive searches across enterprise data to identify documents containing personal data which is then highlighted through actionable visualization features.

Organizations can minimize personal data, minimize risk through remediation capabilities that allow users to identify and take in-place action on low-value and high-risk content.

Delivering governance and control, the suite offers complete lifecycle management and defensible disposition as well as a secured repository in which data can be stored.

And finally, because GDPR mandates thatorganizations identify and remediate personal data when requested by a data subject via a Subject Access Request. ZL GDPR Ready Solutions enable users to open and track tickets for Subject Access Requests, execute searches, and ultimately comply with several GDPR articles by delivering, deleting, restricting access, and reporting on personal data.

Regulations often fail to keep pace with the ethical concerns around emerging technologies, observed ZL Technologies CEO Kon Leong. But with GDPR, the regulation's requirements will test the limits of many organizations' approach to data management and for that reason, unified control over each of an enterprise's data silos will be critical.

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