Zadara Collaborates with Zenlayer to Support Cloud Storage Services at the Edge

Zadara, a provider of edge cloud services, is partnering with Zenlayer, enabling the companies to offer managed storage solutions that businesses can deploy from on-premises data centers, private colocation facilities, or the cloud.

Zadara’s enterprise-class, consumption-based, fully-managed zStorage is now available in Zenlayer’s North American locations and will soon expand into emerging markets such as India, China, and South America.

“At Zenlayer, we’re all about improving digital experiences, and going above and beyond for our customers to provide WOW service,” said Zenlayer’s VP of partnerships and alliance, Lawrence Lee. “This commitment to excellence means that we only partner with the best. Zadara is a pioneer in enterprise storage-as-a-service and was the first to offer it—making them a natural choice for us. Zadara’s zStorage solution simplifies clouds, increases productivity, and decreases costs for Zenlayer’s customers.”

The addition of Zadara’s zStorage enables Zenlayer to provide backup and disaster recovery solutions on a global scale—even at the edge, closer to where data is generated and consumed.

“At a time when organizations across the globe are shifting and redefining the ways in which they do business, simplifying storage and management to ensure greater efficiencies is more critical than ever before,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara. “We are excited to partner with Zenlayer and bring our fully managed cloud services to their customers around the globe.”

Zenlayer offers on-demand connectivity through its expansive global private backbone, with unparalleled expertise in fast-growing emerging economies.

The company has a wide portfolio of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings such as Cloud Networking, Bare Metal Cloud, IP Transit, and Edge Data Center Services, and has recently launched a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product—Zenlayer Global Accelerator, an API-driven network acceleration service that improves application performance across international borders.

Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s global edge cloud platform to instantly improve digital experiences for their customers and employees, according to the vendor.

Zadara’s edge cloud storage offering, zStorage, is designed to support any data type (block, file, object), any protocol (NFS, CIFS, FC, iSCSI, iSER, S3, Swift and more), in any location (on-premises, across clouds or in a hybrid environment) with the desired performance (flash and/or hard disk-based). zStorage delivers secure, dependable, and massively scalable storage that can support the most demanding workloads and complex data protection requirements.

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