Zadara Creates Federated Edge Program

Zadara, a leader in edge cloud services, is launching its Federated Edge program, introducing  a new, fully managed, distributed cloud architecture that unlocks new use cases and revenue models.

Federated Edge is a consortium of MSPs, powered by Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services, including zCompute and zStorage.

The Federated Edge program enables a public edge cloud composed of hundreds of global MSPs and is designed to support modern Edge-specific workloads.

Every MSP that becomes a member of the Federated Edge will be able to deploy applications in hundreds of locations worldwide by leveraging other members’ infrastructure, creating new revenue streams and global cross-selling capabilities, without the need to invest in a new data center or other physical facility.

Powered by Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services, including zCompute and zStorage, the company’s Federated Edge Program gives MSPs the global footprint, flexibility and competitive margins needed to compete and win, according to the vendor.

Zadara’s Federated Edge program enables service providers to provision IT ‘as-a-Service’ business solutions to customers as close as necessary to those customers’ workloads, through a shared revenue model.

“We strive to be a true partner to MSPs, not just a technology provider,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO, Zadara. “We understand their unique challenges and have designed the Federated Edge program with their specific needs in mind. We’ve built a network that creates an ideal opportunity for MSPs to move into the next generation of edge workloads and stop missing out on new global opportunities. Our Federated Edge program harnesses the collective power of MSPs, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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