Zadara Storage Boosts Security Through Partnership with Veeam

Zadara Storage, a provider of in enterprise storage-as-a-service platforms, is increasing security for object data stored in Zadara Storage through a partnership with Veeam.

Zadara and Veeam are extending their partnership to satisfy a need in the marketplace for a more robust data storage solution that effortlessly safeguards customer data with the latest technology – Object Storage Immutability.

“Listening carefully to customer needs, we customized this forward-thinking feature to protect data from accidental or malicious destruction,” explained Oded Kellner, Zadara VP product management. “In extending our close partnership with Veeam with support for S3 Object Lock and immutable backups, we are leading the way to ensure that immutability becomes a standard feature in cloud storage. Now Veeam customers will be more resilient, and our leading-edge technology will help minimize the risk and complexity of managing and safeguarding enterprise data storage.”

Zadara Object Storage Immutability ensures backup integrity by stopping stored objects from being deleted or overwritten during a specific retention timeframe.

With Object Storage Immutability enabled on a container, it is impossible to modify or shorten the retention period for an existing object. Immutability ensures object version integrity and availability throughout the retention period – no matter how long.

Zadara ensures that companies with large data centers can now dramatically simplify storage with the benefit of cloud technology and pay only for the storage they actually need, minimizing cost and supercharging ROI.

“Immutable backups, previously almost entirely applied to select use cases such as governance and compliance, have become increasingly critical for broader data protection needs – including continuity planning across human errors and comprehensive ransomware protection,” observed Deepak Mohan, research director, cloud infrastructure services at IDC. “Zadara’s ability to deliver pay-for-consumption immutable backup options for Veeam users, in both on-premises and cloud-adjacent locations, brings critically needed flexibility to enterprises and service providers looking to enhance their data protection practices against emerging risks in the environment.

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