Zadara Storage Partners with Storage-IT to Offer Solutions on AWS

Zadara Storage Inc., a provider of enterprise storage-as-a-service, is partnering with data management provider Storage-IT to offer 100% OpEx storage-as-a-service solutions in AWS Marketplace.

Storage-IT recently joined the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) Program and can now offer Zadara directly from AWS Marketplace to take advantage of its fully-managed cloud model for customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Businesses rely on Storage-IT to solve their IT and data management challenges by offering the latest and highest performance technology solutions,” said Brian Corcoran, senior account manager, Storage-IT. “Zadara on AWS means our customers get the storage they need today, with the flexibility they require in the future, as well as a new way to do business with fully-managed, enterprise storage, delivered as a service.”

Storage-IT customers using Zadara on AWS benefit from dedicated physical drives that are completely isolated, ensuring reliable performance and security.

Companies can now simplify storage and pay only for what they use, all within AWS. According to the vendors, selling storage solutions as part of the AWS Marketplace CPPO Program allows customers to benefit from shorter procurement cycles, contracts, and billing consolidation.

Other benefits include full enterprise functionality within the AWS environment such as NFS, CIFS, Active Directory, snapshots, encryption, deduplication, backups, and more.

Zadara on AWS Features Include:

  • Dedicated performance
  • Consolidated billing and management
  • High Availability and backup to amazon simple storage service (Amazon S3)
  • Secure encryption
  • Isolated infrastructure with AWS Direct Connect to AWS

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