Zadara and KINX’s Partnership Offers Robust Cloud Edge Services and Storage Support

Zadara, provider of edge cloud services, is announcing its strategic partnership with KINX Inc., an internet infrastructure service company, to supply the Korean market with Zadara’s zStorage via KINX’s CloudHub. This collaboration promises safe, secure, flexible, and highly available cloud experiences in conjunction with secure, dependable, and massively scalable storage, according to the vendors.

“KINX has been an innovator in Korea and its CloudHub was the first in the country to engage with the world’s leading cloud services, providing the largest number of clouds and connectivity for its market,” said Jeewook Kim, CEO of KINX. “Zadara zStorage allows us to respond to customer demand for storage suitable for various workloads; it is a valuable complement to our CloudHub offering.”

KINX’s CloudHub represents leading cloud service connection; as the largest cloud platform in Korea connecting to nine of the leading cloud service providers, CloudHub configures multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to create secure, agile, and accessible cloud experiences.

Zadara zStorage will act as the storage backbone for KINX’s multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, supporting any data type, clock, file, object, on any protocol. Both equipped for scale and dependability, zStorage is able to support demanding workloads and complex data protection requirements.

“By providing Zadara's zStorage service for the KINX CloudHub, we will be bringing a best-in-class level of functionality to a new pool of enterprise customers in Korea,” said Soonhyun Joe, director of Zadara Korea. “We know the Korean market is a fast-paced growth market and we are extremely pleased to be collaborating with KINX on our fully managed, pay-as-you-go, zStorage. We look forward to the success this collaboration will bring and even further developing a joint service model with KINX as our partnership matures."

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