Zaloni Automates Data Governance and Speeds Data Access With 6.4 Platform Release 

Zaloni, a provider of data management and DataOps software, has announced the 6.4 release of the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform. The latest release adds new features that expedite data discovery and data access requests and improve user productivity through customizable business glossaries and automated workflow triggers. 

“Once customers establish a DataOps foundation, many are looking at ways to continuously improve and optimize their data supply chain,” said Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni. “Zaloni’s latest release provides new automated governance and data consumption features that deliver trusted data to end users faster than ever before.” 

The new features included in the 6.4 release of Zaloni Arena include: 

  • Simplified Data Access Requests: Easily request access to data through the data catalog. Data owners are notified and can easily grant or deny access through an automated workflow while maintaining data security, enforcing data governance policies, and reducing time to insight. 
  • Integrated and Customizable Business Glossaries: Create an enterprise-wide business glossary to enrich the data catalog, provide consistency and business context for data, and improve data searchability for business-oriented users. 
  • Accelerated Data Onboarding with Data Discovery Wizard: Quickly discover, understand, and annotate data sources with a few simple clicks. While cataloging the metadata, data can be ingested or left in place, creating a balanced data lakehouse.
  • Automated Data Governance and Operations Through Workflow Triggers: Build and deploy event and time-based workflow triggers to automate data operations and governance activities to improve efficiency and accelerate data onboarding and processing. 

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