Zebra Technologies Provides Integration with SAP EWM Cloud

Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, is releasing Zebra Picking Plus, an Application Programming Interface (API) for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), designed to help organizations run their warehouse operations more efficiently.

Designed to seamlessly work with SAP EWM cloud, Zebra Picking Plus enables Zebra channel partners and application developers to offer a browser-based, mobile experience that transforms highly repetitive warehouse workflow tasks—both inbound and outbound activities that front-line workers must routinely complete—to increase usability and efficiency.

It improves productivity as it allows scanning of inventory barcodes while in motion within the warehouse as the cloud-based SAP database is automatically updated. In addition, Zebra Picking Plus eliminates the risk of data entry mistakes associated with manual database entries, according to the company.

Zebra Picking Plus empowers the warehouse workforce by mobilizing existing SAP EWM systems with a modern user experience. It extends the power of Zebra’s Enterprise Browser, an open source standard technologies application supporting the most popular enterprise operating systems like Windows and Android and runs on virtually all of Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers.

“Zebra is excited to showcase the benefits of our Enterprise Browser and how Zebra Picking Plus can seamlessly integrate Zebra enterprise mobile computers with SAP EWM Cloud,” said Julie Johnson, vice president and general manager of enterprise mobile computing, Zebra Technologies. “Organizing data streams and streamlining repetitive tasks further enables our customers to empower their front-line workers to be more efficient and focus on more strategic activities.”

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