Zettaset Introduces Data-in-Motion Encryption for Hadoop

Zettaset, a provider of secure big data management, has introduced data-in-motion encryption, a new security measure for Zettaset Orchestrator management for Hadoop. Data-in-motion encryption for Hadoop will be available in the second quarter of 2014, and will be bundled with every Orchestrator application license. 

Incorporating this data-in-motion encryption into the security system is intended to alleviate the threat of unauthorized users gaining access to Hadoop clusters and sensitive data that could compromise the integrity of an organization. 

According to Zettaset, Orchestrator’s management console automates virtually all manual configuration processes within Hadoop, eliminating the need for professional services and reducing IT resource requirements in the enterprise. The Orchestrator security and management application is distribution-agnostic and fully compatible with branded Hadoop distributions from Cloudera and Hortonworks. 

Contending that the major technical hurdle that is holding up installations in enterprises is security,  Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, notes, “Data-in-motion is now securing the pipes not only between the clusters but also between the console itself. What’s key about this is we have done it in a way that is compliant."

The added security provided by the Orchestrator data-in-motion encryption feature functions to protect all links to the Orchestrator web-based console contained in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tunnel. All points of access within the cluster are secured with encryption and require authentication. The implementation of this process has eliminated the opportunity for unauthorized personnel to access confidential business data within a network. This security also extends to protect the links between Orchestrator Business Intelligence (BI) connectors and Hadoop clusters. “We have actually generated some significant IP (Intellectual Property) around this technology so we are actually filing patents,” Vogt explained.

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