Zettaset Partners with Informatica to Deliver Hadoop Cluster Management

Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software, has announced an OEM partnership agreement with Zettaset, a big data management vendor. In this partnership, Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition will embed within the Zettaset Orchestrator Hadoop cluster management solution, a management platform that automates, accelerates and simplifies Hadoop installation, cluster management, and security for big data deployments.

Integrating Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition into Zettaset Orchestrator provides customers with the ability to move and integrate data as part of their Apache distribution-based Hadoop implementations regardless of data volume, variety and velocity. “For Informatica, it was all about enterprise-class security, ease of deployment and reliability. We have a very robust HA architecture,” Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

With PowerCenter Big Data Edition embedded in Orchestrator, Zettaset is able to support customer requirements for enterprise-class security for Hadoop clusters through accessing and integrating for analysis security event data of any scale and from any source. Customers can process data sets of any size into, on and out of Hadoop with ease and reliability. Greater value from multi-structured, industry-standard data and unstructured data from tablets, smartphones, sensors, point-of-scale devices, web logs and machine devices allows for greater user productivity. Metadata management includes data lineage and full auditability, while high-performance connectivity through native APIs provides high-speed data ingestion and extraction. No-code development, extensive reuse of data integration mappings and transforms, and deployment on Apache distribution-based Hadoop environments provides cost-effective big data integration. “Being able to accelerate the evaluation cycles to get into production is what it’s all about,” Vogt explains.  

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