ZigiWave Releases Platform to Streamline Software Tools

ZigiWave is releasing ZigiOps, simplifying how businesses connect their software solutions to each other. The new platform serves as a unified integration layer between a large number of software tools from different vendors. It operates through a variety of methods like API calls, ZigiWeb service listeners, emails, and more.

ZigiOps’ main characteristic is cross-domain synchronization, a feature achieved through data extraction, transformation, and exchange. As a direct result of ZigiWave’s various partnerships and deep knowledge, the integration platform is adaptable to different client environments and reduces time and cost immediately after its implementation.

“With ZigiOps we are trying to resolve the typical integration challenges for businesses,” said Nikolay Patrikov, CEO at ZigiWave. “By integrating between different domains, the new platform saves implementation time, optimizes processes and reduces operational costs.” 

ZigiOps provides a standard set of workflows based on industry standards and best practices that not only resolve customer challenges but improve internal processes and their business in general.

For example, many large organizations struggle due to the lack of collaboration between the internal and external units that are supposed to collaborate in delivering products and services to customers. The ZigiOps platform resolves this by adapting itself to the specific scenario producing optimal results.

ZigiOps is a standalone software solution that runs on-premise, and potentially in the cloud. Essentially it exchanges data between different enterprise software tools such as ServiceNow, Jira, BMC Remedy, Dynatrace, NewRelic, Micro Focus Ops Bridge and others. The high-level configuration ensures it is suitable for fulfilling any organization's demands.

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