Zilliz Cloud Delivers on the Promise of a Quantum Leap in Vector Database Experience

Zilliz Inc., a trailblazer in vector database technology, is unveiling the latest version of Zilliz Cloud, aiming to set a new standard for real-time AI applications.

As a fully managed vector database, leveraging the cloud-native open-source Milvus vector database, Zilliz Cloud now redefines the essence of speed, performance, and developer satisfaction.

According to the company, this update surpasses previous benchmarks and delivers improved data operations, increased value, and an even more streamlined experience for developers crafting their next-generation AI.

"In pushing the boundaries of innovation, Zilliz Cloud once again raises the bar with its latest service update," said Charles Xie, CEO of Zilliz Inc. "Recognized as the fastest vector database, Zilliz Cloud empowers developers with an unparalleled experience, going beyond mere functionality. This milestone release is driven by Zilliz Inc.'s unwavering commitment to addressing the specific needs of professional solutions that demand scalability. Zilliz Cloud proves its mettle in three critical use cases where vector search is the linchpin to success.”

Zilliz Cloud's latest update, crafted for intricate use cases like RAG/Gen AI, recommendation systems, and cyber security/fraud detection, sets a new benchmark in vector database technology.

This evolution not only boosts performance, speed, and developer satisfaction but also prioritizes trust over speed in critical security scenarios. It efficiently handles large volumes of data, demands constant updates for changing inventory, and ensures high throughput, low latency for effective data ingestion, especially during backfill operations, according to the company.

 Key highlights of the update include:

  • 10x+ performance boost: Zilliz introduces the Cardinal Search Engine, delivering over a 10x performance boost compared to Milvus and other vector databases using the HNSW index and dramatically improved filtered search. Further contributing to significant reduction in TCO.
  • Enhanced data operations: Zilliz Cloud offers improved query precision, data management flexibility, and operational efficiency with features like the Cosine Similarity metric, Range Search, and Upsert.
  • Unified developer experience: Zilliz Cloud has a Unified Milvus Client, enhancing the developer experience by providing a seamless interface for efficient application development.
  • Efficient data management: Zilliz Cloud offers one-click data migration between Milvus and Zilliz Cloud, facilitating secure and efficient data management for businesses.
  • Robust data protection: Safeguard your data at scale with granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and comprehensive API keys, ensuring secure access and usage.
  • Certified compliance and integrity: Zilliz Cloud complies with SOC 2 Type II and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, guaranteeing stringent data integrity and adherence to compliance standards.
  • Global availability: Accessible on all three major clouds (AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure) and available in two marketplaces, eight regions across North America, Europe, and Asia, Zilliz Cloud offers global scalability and reach for your data needs.
  • Seamless integration: Speed up AI application development with built-in connectors for popular platforms like Databricks/Spark, Confluent/Kafka, and Airbyte, ensuring smooth data flow and processing.
  • Advanced monitoring: Zilliz Cloud includes gRPC interfaces to monitor the health of your Zilliz Cloud instance by checking for the Golden Signals of Monitoring (latency, traffic, and errors), which is critical when Vector Search is core to your business.

This announcement signifies Zilliz Inc.'s dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring that Zilliz Cloud evolves alongside the dynamic needs of developers and businesses in the AI landscape.

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