Zilliz Launches Free Tier of Zilliz Cloud with Aims to Democratize Vector Databases

Zilliz is now offering its cloud vector database for free, including a plethora of new features along with additional pricing options for individuals and organizations. According to the company, the move makes vector databases accessible for projects of all sizes. Developers can now, regardless of budget, spin up generative AI applications while protecting against hallucination.

Zililz’s Cloud’s new free service tier is perfect for experimenting and prototyping. Zilliz has also introduced a price-optimized plan that’s ideal for applications without demanding latency or volume requirements, but which still need a high-quality vector database.

Other new tools and features in the latest version include:

  • Python, JS, and RESTful APIs: Zilliz has added API support for several popular programming languages and frameworks, enabling developers to quickly integrate Zilliz Cloud using the tools they prefer.
  • Organizations and Roles: Zilliz Cloud’s new Organizations and Roles feature allows users to manage access and permissions for their teams—a key benefit for larger organizations, and those with multiple projects and team members.
  • Dynamic Schema Support: Users can now easily customize Zilliz Cloud schemas to their unique requirements—essential for users working with data that have specific fields or attributes.
  • Benchmarking: A new open-source benchmark tool enables customers to measure Milvus or Zilliz performance against other solutions, helping them choose the best database for their projects.

Zilliz’s aggressive pricing announcement arrives amid a tidal wave of interest in generative AI, and autonomous agents fueled by large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

LLMs’ Achilles heel is a tendency to make things up, or ‘hallucinate.’ Zilliz has shown that this problem can be minimized by using an external Zilliz Cloud database of domain-specific data. By providing the LLM with accurate information stored in Zilliz Cloud, it can be made to deliver answers dependable enough for business use, according to the company.

“Generative AI is going to change everything—but first we have to trust it,” said Zilliz founder and CEO Charles Xie. “Developers of all sizes will need Zilliz Cloud to power their generative AI applications. And with our new pricing, they all can. With this latest release, we’re out to promote innovation and creativity and help developers create amazing applications that transform their businesses—and the lives of their users — for the better.”

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