Zluri’s Lifecycle Management Platform Alleviates Manual Labor Pains for IT Teams

Zluri, the provider of an enterprise SaaS management platform, is launching a cloud-first lifecycle management and user provisioning platform, designed to both centralize and connect intelligent workflows with applications, employees, and data systems.

Simplifying ITOps is a major driver of Zluri’s new platform, focusing on pressures that legacy systems and decentralized SaaS platforms pose to IT teams. As the application landscape becomes cloud-first, continuously valuing intelligence and automation, IT is confronted with the challenge of meeting that standard while combating data silos, complex workflows, security breaches, and manual processes.

“With cloud applications, there is a gap in terms of IT teams being able to automatically provision access to certain applications,” explained Ritish Reddy, co-founder of Zluri. “The transition to an enterprise environment where cloud applications and SaaS adoption are rapidly accelerating is highlighting that current IT systems are not sufficiently supporting cloud provisioning.”

Zluri’s intelligent lifecycle management and user provisioning platform aims to provide a comprehensive, centralized plane for managing identity, applications, and licenses, while further automating the digital user lifecycle. Providing a detailed view into both users and the organization’s applications address the ongoing challenge facing many modern IT teams.

The Lifecycle Management (LCM) platform from Zluri features four key capabilities:

  • Zluri 360 directory, designed to provide IT teams with end-to-end visibility across all applications and user attributes that are mapped and sourced from SSOs, Active directories, and native integrations.
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning on respective applications with the right roles, groups, and permissions.
  • Access request management of profiles and deep entitlements for 150-plus applications.
  • Auto-auditing on all users and assesses the risk and threat levels of every application in your ecosystem to ensure proper security.

According to the company, Zluri’s LCM enables teams to improve workflows by cutting the total time to onboard and offboard users by approximately three hours; reduces dependency on the IT team for license approvals; and makes customizations and adaptability replicable with templates and workflows.

“Zluri is one of the few platforms that brings identity and cloud applications together in one platform to give IT teams a consolidated view,” said Reddy. “With established relationships between users and applications, it minimizes any manual effort that goes into identifying who needs what access. We wanted to create simple solutions for building out workflows, so our automation workflows are simple click-based workflows that require no coding whatsoever.”

Ultimately, Zluri’s new platform positions enterprise IT teams to seamlessly manage their rapidly growing SaaS applications and users via automated workflows, according to the company.

Without a comprehensive process for lifecycle management, enterprises are faced with revenue loss and vulnerable to cyber threats. With Zluri’s permission-based approach, customizable to fit an enterprise’s unique needs, the LCM platform enables IT teams to avoid unauthorized access without manual checks.

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