Zmanda Ships New Cloud Backup Solution

Zmanda, a provider of open source and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions, released the latest version of its cloud backup software, incorporating tools that enable users to direct backups either to the cloud or to local storage systems. Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) 4.0 provides users the choice to store backups directly on the cloud; on local disks; or in a hybrid backup configuration, which is an intelligent combination of the two. In addition, ZCB 4.0 offers performance improvements of up to three times the speed for uploads and downloads, the vendor says.

"As the cloud backup market matures, Zmanda is working to give customers and resellers greater flexibility and increased options for when, where and how they handle their backup data," says Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda.  "ZCB 4.0 is a simple yet versatile solution that will satisfy the needs of everyone; from non-technical users to those who want to leverage more advanced functionality."

Additional features include enhanced application backup support that enables users to backup selective data stores in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as differential backups of Microsoft SharePoint, and configurable multi-threaded data transfer support. ZCB 4.0 also features the ZCB Global Dashboard, a web-based interface that monitors the backup activity and cloud storage used across multiple ZCB installations. This interface can be used by IT managers, service providers and resellers to monitor large-scale installations of ZCB.

ZCB 4.0 is available worldwide for a flexible pay-as-you-go price of $0.15/GB/month for data transfer and storage on the cloud, with an additional setup and monthly charge of $4.95 per account for the protection of an unlimited number of Windows desktops and servers. Zmanda also offers all ZCB customers a free tier which makes it free to store and transfer up to 25 GB data to the cloud.

More information is available from Zmanda.