Zoomdata Introduces Multisource Analytic Capabilities to its Platform

Zoomdata, provider of BI, is making advances in multisource analysis that will enable business users to analyze data from multiple data platforms on-the-fly. 

Zoomdata's new features include Keysets Analytics and Cross-Source Filtering, as well as extensions to Zoomdata Fusion, which virtually consolidates disparate data sources on a common key so they appear as one.

Keysets Analytics allows non-technical users to perform segmentation, cohort, top/bottom-n, cluster, and similar set analyses across modern systems where the underlying data is becoming ever bigger, faster, and more complex.

Several use cases include:

  • Precision medicine research
  • Cybersecurity
  • Customer insights

"Zoomdata's on-the-fly multisource analysis capabilities were developed in recognition of the 'new normal' for many enterprises: data is generated at ever-increasing rates, is stored across a variety of specialty platforms, and once landed, becomes too big, too expensive, or too risky to move," said Nick Halsey, CEO, Zoomdata. "While data platforms get heavier and more varied, Zoomdata counters that weight by reinventing an easier, lighter BI experience that allows users to freely explore and clarify relationships between data sources, enrich the data experience, and accelerate time-to-insight."

Zoomdata allows data exploration across any combination of disparate data types -- in modern and legacy systems, in the cloud and on-premises, and combining both streaming and historical data.

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