Zoomdata Launches Partner Program to Assist with Systems Integration

Zoomdata, a business intelligence company, is launching ZAP! - the Zoomdata Application Partner program. The announcement was made at the Strata Data Conference held September 11-13 in New York City.

Over the past year, Zoomdata has witnessed 3X growth in sales via channel partners. Much of this growth has been international, with an emphasis in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

 As customers across the globe increasingly seek the help of Systems Integrators (SI) with specific use case or domain expertise, Zoomdata is also expanding its partnerships in the U.S. market.

 “Everybody wants to be a data and analytics driven organization, but there’s not enough skills in the market,” said Nick Halsey, CEO, Zoomdata.

The company currently has more than ten core partners worldwide, including global SI's such as Deloitte, Atos, Hitachi INS, and Infosys, and 30 regional SI's representing specific territories and vertical markets including pharma and life sciences, telecom, and financial services.

Most recently, Zoomdata signed a partnership agreement with RCG Global Services in the U.S. Other recent reseller partnerships include Datalytyx in the UK, Semantix in South America, Moviri in Italy, Zeal Corporation in Japan, and ICT Intelligence in South Africa.

Enterprise customers often seek the help of SIs with specific use case or domain expertise to develop custom interfaces, configure big data environments, and provide managed services. New and existing partners - both international and domestic - will enjoy other benefits of the company's reseller and partner program, including:

  • Dedicated, in-house support representatives and integrated support systems, to better provide seamless joint technical support
  • Advanced training and timely updates as new features and functionalities roll out, so they are informed and well-equipped to support their customers
  • Direct access to Zoomdata marketing, sales, and master class resources to ensure they are able to maximize their impact and reach
  • Deal registration and tracking through the Zoomdata partner portal

Customers can work with their Zoomdata Application Partner on a QuickStart Implementation package. Over the course of a QuickStart Implementation, a team of experienced ZAP! consultants will optimize data models, security protocols, setup users, configure Smart Connectors and build initial dashboards and analytics.

Upon completion of a QuickStart, customers will have a fully configured Zoomdata implementation that not only meets the customer's initial requirements, but a platform that is scalable and ready to expand to support additional projects.

The company will keep investing in exploration technologies to help users to expose and make sense of data in organizations, Halsey explained.

“We designed Zoomdata to make it really easy to integrate so it’s really easy to build solutions,” Halsey said.

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